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Unit Staff Shop SOP

10th Special Forces Group

Staff Shops Standard Operating Procedure


Message from the Commander


"Welcome to the 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne) Realism Unit’s Staff Shops! Members of our staff shops are the backbone of the unit. Without our staff members this unit would not be able to function, operate or plan to the level that is required. With that being said, this policy and procedure manual is crucial to the success of the unit. We are counting on all enlisted and officers alike to conduct themselves in accordance with this manual."


“De Opresso Liber"


10th SFG Command Team




Organization and Structure

In the 1st Battalion, 10th Special Forces Group, we have modified our Staff Shops and positions to the needs of the unit. 

Headquarters & Headquarters Detachment

Provides command and control of the HHD. The HHD also represents the unit command staff. 

  • HHD 18A Commander

  • HHD 18A Executive Officer

  • HHD 18Z Sergeant Major

J-1 Personnel

Provides oversight and administration of recruitment & retention and human resources. 

  • J-1 Officer in Charge

  • J-1 Non Commissioned Officer in Charge

    • J-1 79A Recruiter Officer

    • J-1 79R Recruiter NCO

    • J-1 49B Human Resource Officer

    • J-1 420A Human Resource Technician

    • J-1 42A Human Resource Specialist

J-2 Intelligence

Provides commanders with intelligence reports. Responsible for analysis of intelligence and reconnaissance reports, briefing commanders on current intelligence, writing the intelligence portion of OPORDS. The intelligence section is also responsible for developing operations and deployments. The section is also responsible for zeusing operations.

  • J-2 Officer in Charge

  • J-2 Non Commissioned Officer in Charge

    • J-2 35A Intelligence Officer

    • J-2 35F Intelligence Analyst

    • J-2 35M Human Intel Collector (Zeus)

J-3 Operations & Training

Provides centralized management of all operational readiness, trainings and schools.

  • J-3 Officer in Charge

  • J-3 Non Commissioned Officer in Charge

    • J-3 11A Training Officer

    • J-3 11B Senior Drill Sergeant

    • J-3 11B Drill Sergeant

J-4 Logistics

Responsible for managing the TeamSpeak, Discord, mod pack, server and website. This shop is also responsible for logistical supply during deployments.

  • J-4 Officer in Charge

  • J-4 Non Commissioned Officer in Charge

    • J-4 92A Supply Officer

    • J-4 92Y Supply Specialist

    • J-4 25A Server Officer

    • J-4 25B Server Technician

Appointment and Dismissal

All personnel who are members of the Staff Shops shall be appointed and dismissed at the leisure of the detachment command staff. Personnel are considered to be members of the staff shops only when a record exists in PERSCOM showing active assignment. The detachment command staff may add or remove duty assignments from the headquarters detachment as they see fit to support unit readiness. These duty assignments must be added or removed from the roster and the SOP before it officially goes into effect.



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