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My name is Ranchero

I am 17 y/o

I have recently finished high school (early graduation), I am getting 11x option 40 with the army, I am expecting to ship by May. 

I wanted to nerd out with ranger handbook information, I couldn't kickstart my own community so I am looking to this one.

My experience: I was a big fan of milsim games such as ground branch, Arma III, squad, and other games. I have had much experience with milsim communities. I stepped away to focus on school and fitness, as well as repulsed by the egotism and unrealistic demands imposed by these groups. I have also lived with a former 18D for 3 years, so I have that experience as well (although such experience is limited in its applicability to games). I excel well with leadership tasks as well as being able to thrive in the mundane, I welcome any role so long as I can contribute to a team. 

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Hey Ranchero welcome to the community!

I just wanted to let you know that the application is under the enlistment center tab on the website. I'm glad to know that you are eager and ready to learn and I believe that you will fit in very well here. 

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